The Huntington Police Department will inquire into any qualified comments, suggestions or complaints made through this request.  To be qualified, you must submit your legal name into this submittal.  It is up to you whether to send your phone number and or home address.  Do not send us any personal info such as social security number/credit card number/driver license number etc. via this request.  You may be asked to submit this info further down the line though should an investigation be warranted.  Please do not use this for anything that should receive an urgent/immediate response.  If you are a town resident and you have an emergency, please call 911 or the State Police at 413-862-4511.  Info sent through this page will become the property of the Huntington, MA Police.  

Send an email to us using the following guidelines--

Please copy and paste the following into the SUBJECT LINE of your email: 
Request for Huntington, MA Police Assistance

If the subject line does not contain this info, it will be considered SPAM and discarded.

To contact us, send an email to:

request at

You will need to use the proper email format for the "request" email account.  Do not copy and paste
what you see above into the "TO" line of your email.  To reduce false emails and web bots producing junk
email, we can not put the link, such as into this page.

We thank you for your assistance in contacting us in this manner.

Huntington, MA Police Dept.